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The clients displayed here are the real heroes. I was just a guiding light. They are the ones who put in the work, to reach where they are.

Diagnosed with Valley fever in 2015, went through 6 surgeries in the left calf and 2 in hip muscles. Was bedridden for almost 6 months, and walked on crutches for the next 6 months. Spend almost a year in pain, surgery, and rehab. Left ankle still has 60-70 mobility. This caused my health to retrograde and got all other medical issues, that include Hypothyroidism, too high Triglyceride, and Cholesterol, and definitely got too overweight. And with this came the deadly year 2020, lost my father and sister. And that created fear in me as well. I was left with no option but to work on myself and get better medically and mentally. I have to get better with my medical issues, wanted to take control of things, so started this beautiful journey to get better at myself each day. It was always a struggle for me to get fit, the hardest part was getting ready mentally. I tried several times but due to all these surgeries and limited ankle mobility I was always getting injured and after recovery, it was again hard time for me to start all over again. One of the major struggles was knowledge. Fitness is science and to understand it, you definitely need a coach. This diet chart creation is an art and Niraj is an excellent artist. The other issue was consistency and exercise planning with Niraj’s help, I was always consistent and he explained to me the science behind the exercises.

The best part about Niraj is he is like your friend, knowledgeable and he is always available. He is too prompt to answer your query. From answering the food substitute question to getting his feedback about the exercise posture, he never let me wait. He helps you understand the science behind what and why we are doing things a certain way. This always boosts my morale and confidence.

All my medical conditions started improving. Thyroid medication I was taking 125 mcg and now I have been moved to 100 mcg. Cholesterol and Triglyceride also improving. The journey is still on with him. I understood the diet and importance of Macros during the program. One of the most important learning is how to plan the exercises and the progression. I am still a student and learn from him every day.

One message I would like to deliver to the people who are in the process to get fit is - Fitness is a journey, not a destination. This is all about training your mind. The main challenge with the fitness journey is to train your mind to adopt these changes and this is where your coach will help. They will guide you, they will train you through the process with a logical explanation and your brain will start accepting those changes gradually and you will start seeing results gradually.

Always make a long-term goal, fitness should be a journey that you enjoy.
Santosh Kumar
Phoenix-Chandler, Arizona, United States of America

All I can say is if you are persistent, you will get it, If you are consistent, you will keep it! My transformation credit goes to my coach Niraj. This wouldn't have been possible without you coach. Thank you very much!

He was very positive and motivated me every time I felt low. He always answered my questions with a logical explanation. One good quality that I saw in him was that whenever you are busy and lose track, he will understand your situation, never feel disappointed or angry, and tell you to come back on track and keep moving forward. He will diligently follow up if you are unable to keep him up-to-date regarding your progress. He is a good mentor, and he will boost your confidence level. I strongly recommended him to my colleagues and friends
Monisha Reddy
George Town, Cayman Islands

Being unhealthy and overweight for the past 5 years, every year I used to take a resolution to reduce weight and try so many things like drinking jeera water, lemon with honey water, skipping dinner, joining a gym, morning walks, etc but never succeeded in achieving what I always wanted to achieve.

My wife always insisted I take good care of my health, especially whenever she used to witness the death of people due to cardiac arrest or lifestyle disorders. After corona, I realized the importance of good health. This time I was adamant to adopt a proper healthy lifestyle. But it was easier said than done especially considering my past failures whenever I tried to get fit.
With Niraj, I got introduced to quantified nutrition. Initially, it was very challenging to measure raw food and cook it but with time it became easier. I was eating all my day-to-day food items but quantified. Before I used to read some random articles and watched Youtube videos but after getting a coach all the myths got cleared out and Niraj helped me understand concepts in simple terms. When you hire a coach, you get an accountability partner and you always want to give your best and not disappoint your coach. Daily reporting to my coach helped me to be on track and avoid emotional eating.

Niraj always has a positive approach, encouraged me on a daily basis, never gets angry even when I go off track, and at the same time motivates and guides me on how to adhere to the diet without compromising anything. He sets a realistic timeline and focuses on achieving smaller goals one day at a time. Weekly calls proved to be very effective.

One thing I learned during the program was the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Understood the importance of maintaining muscles while losing body fat and the importance of strength training in achieving that. Also, you need support not only from your coach but also from your family and friends so that they know what and why you are doing this. This will help you to be on track.

In my overall transformation to date, my coach has delivered all his duties and responsibilities. He always encourages, motivates and guides me to set a realistic target/goal and directed how to achieve it. Without a good coach, this transformation would not have been possible. I am really grateful to Niraj.
Mahendra Raghuwanshi
Vadodra Gujarat, India

Niraj is a fantastic coach. Without the support and consistent effort of my coach, Niraj, I would not be where I am now in my fitness journey. I would not have been able to stay consistent in my fitness journey without his support during my struggles. He was literally behind my back, patient, and guided me whenever I had any queries.

He is very consistent in providing information and follow-ups, which keeps you on your toes all the time. He never thinks anything is silly. He is usually patient when explaining things to me. He understands my requirements and has been a constant fitness pillar. For the first time in ten years, I've hit my college weight. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. I consider myself really fortunate to have him as a coach.
Monisha Satish
George Town, Cayman Islands

I have been into fitness for around 5 years. The lockdown shattered me, as all my routine was disturbed with no access to Gym and home workouts didn't keep me going. Due to all this, I gained a good amount of fat & weight. I tried to get back on track after a couple of months when the gyms reopened but it was like starting back from scratch. The consistency which I used to have earlier was not the same and after some time I got married and again the routine was disturbed. Then one fine day I decided that it was time for me to get back where I used to be.
The journey with Niraj has been awesome with all the knowledge he has. He helped me gain my confidence and get me back on track. The key to your fitness journey is being consistent. For consistency, you need accountability, and Niraj has been very helpful and supportive throughout my journey. He kept pushing me, even on my bad days when I did not feel like doing anything.

He is a wonderful human being and an excellent coach. Perfectionist as a coach, fully dedicated, Keeps calm and answers and explains even the silliest queries with basic examples from our day-to-day life.

He knows his things and understands your problems and provides a logical explanation. I highly recommend Niraj to anyone who wants to be fit and wants a healthier lifestyle. Thank you so much, Niraj for being so cooperative and understanding and for always being there like a pillar. If someone is ready to give 100% of their efforts, I am sure Niraj will make sure to give his 200% to make his mentee's goal achievable.

Even with not being able to keep up with the plan sometimes, I am very pleased with where I am now. I am still on a journey with him and working on becoming the best version of myself.
Karan Ardeja
Khamgaon, Maharashtra, India

I went from being a complete beginner to loving quantified nutrition. From knowing nothing about getting fit to completely transforming physically, mentally, and knowledge-wise.

This would not have been possible without my coach, @Niraj Verma

I was never overweight. But the body fat around my abdomen was way too high. I tried so many things to get rid of it. I tried all types of diets right the fruits and vegetables only diet, skipping dinner to avoid carbs, doing an endless amount of cardio, eating boiled food, starving myself, etc. I lost a little amount of weight every time and then gained it back in no time. This torture happened for years.

One day I met one of my friend and I saw so much change in her. Inquired if she is on diet and she told me about this. Without giving it a second thought, I enrolled under him.

I was introduced to quantified nutrition. Weighing the food on the scale? My first thought was this is more difficult than eating boiled food. The good part about Niraj is that he asked me to be very honest regarding the issues and troubles I face. This made me comfortable and I opened up soon. I told him it was very difficult to measure the food and soon he came up with so many strategies which made quantifying food a smooth process. He helped me set up the system where I was able to quantify my food on my busiest days too.

I started doing strength training under him for the first time. He made me understand the importance of strength training for women. Luckily, I joined the gym and I got a supportive gym floor trainer who helped me with my exercise form in my initial phases. I also sent the videos to my coach and asks input and suggestions. He guided me very patiently sometimes by coming on a video call and performing the exercise himself.

Quantified nutrition started showing its magic. I started seeing results and strength training helped in improving my energy levels. Once again words are not enough to thank you Sir. You have changed my life completely.
Sonalika Prabhu
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



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