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Niraj is a wonderful person and a fantastic coach. Enrolling in his program was the best decision I've ever made.

A very detail-oriented and attentive coach. He maintains his cool and composure, listens carefully, and answers even the silliest questions. He is quite knowledgeable about this subject, understands your issues and situations, and then delivers a reasonable explanation. I strongly recommend Niraj to anyone who wants to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you very much, Niraj, for your patience and understanding, and for always being there like a pillar. If someone is willing to put in 100% of their effort, I am confident he will put in 200% to help his mentee achieve his goal. ​
Karan Ardeja
Khamgaon,Maharashtra, India
I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable autoimmune disease called Myasthenia gravis in April 2022 and have been on heavy medication, including high-dosage steroids ( which cause weight gain). Gradually, I went into depression, and when I was at my lowest, I met a friend who informed me about this program.

Soon, I decided to join this program to get fit. After discussions with Niraj, I enrolled under him, who has been the guiding light, motivator, and champion in my fitness and wellness journey for 20 weeks and beyond. I followed his instructions blindly and resolved to be very very disciplined with the diet and workout plan. I followed it meticulously every single day and the results were very encouraging.

Niraj, my coach and I discussed my goals and I am proud to say that we have exceeded the goals. I dropped from 72 kg to 56 in 20 weeks. initially I could barely do resistance training with 3 kg dumbbells, and after 12 weeks I can easily do 7 5 kg. my muscles are strong, lean and supple.

I had breathing issues ( because of my disease), which is gone and I can do 15-20 kms cycling smoothly. I have begun jogging and complete 10 kms in 58-60 mins( I am 63 yr old). gradually I will return to my sports routine and intend to continue the diet pattern for life , what Niraj has taught me. I now realise how important a measured diet is and should be scientifically designed. What I have achieved is almost unbelievable and back to my teenage days which feels great and wonderful 👍.

Niraj is calm and logically explains the issues, like the difference between GI and GL. Thank you, Niraj, you have been a great coach. To be successful in the transformation journey, or for that matter, in any endeavor, discipline, consistency, and patience are vital. Results will follow. it is tough to leave sweets, sugar, or outside food, but remember HEALTH IS WEALTH
Sujit Dutta
Kolkatta,West Bengal, India
Niraj is an amazing coach. I would not be where I am today in my fitness journey without the support and constant guidance of my coach Niraj. He never thinks anything is silly. He always helps me understand everything so patiently. He understands what my needs are and has been a constant fitness pillar. I have reached my college weight for the first time in 10 years. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get fit and have a healthy lifestyle. I am more than fortunate to have him as a coach.
Monisha Satish
George Town, Cayman Islands
Excellent coach! A wonderful human being who guides you listens to you, understands your problems, and then provides a proper solution. My journey with him has been wonderful, and I am lucky to have come across such a humble, generous, and enthusiastic coach. 
Mamta Agnihotri
Pune, Maharashtra, India
All I can say is if you are persistent, you will get it, If you are consistent, you will keep it! My transformation credit goes to my coach, Niraj. This wouldn't have been possible without you, coach. Thank you very much! I enrolled with Niraj after watching my friend's transformation which was unbelievable.

He was very positive and motivated me every time I felt low. He always answered my questions with a logical explanation. One good quality that I saw in him was that whenever you are busy and lose track, he will understand your situation, never feel disappointed or angry, and tell you to come back on track and keep moving forward. He will diligently follow up if you are unable to keep him up-to-date regarding your progress. He is a good mentor, and he will boost your confidence level. I strongly recommended him to my colleagues and friends.
Monisha Reddy
Geroge Town, Cayman Islands
Niraj was a wonderful coach who understood my goals, preferences, and situations. He was very supportive throughout my journey, guided me step by step throughout the journey, and helped me achieve my goal. I would highly recommend Niraj for those who need a change in their life and physique.
Preetha Sen
Kolkatta, West Bengal, India
I lost 8 kg in a 12-week program while working with Niraj, which is incredible, and all while eating food that was appropriate for my lifestyle. All this happened because of my best decision to enroll under Niraj Verma, sir.

He was very patient and calm throughout my fitness journey. He knows the chemistry, anatomy, and biology of how the human body works. He has answered all my silly questions and never stopped educating me, which is what I wanted when I enrolled under him. He is the most dedicated person I have ever met.

Even when I was busy and didn't update him, he never missed his chance to inquire about the status. very understanding as a coach and as a person. He has always boosted my confidence. It feels more like a personal trainer than a virtual one. Thank you so much, Niraj sir, for making me passionate about fitness and educating me about calorie counting. This is one coach you will never regret enrolling with.
Pradyuman Bajaj
Gondia, Maharashtra, India
Niraj is an excellent coach. He is very patient when it comes to understanding someone's problems. He will give you a lot of time on the call whenever you need it the most. He is very understanding and comfortable to talk to. He is very humble and polite, and he has very good knowledge regarding nutrition and exercises science. He will always explain everything logically, which is backed by science. Way to go, Niraj!
Sushma Arora
Ludhiana,Punjab, India
Niraj is such a wonderful coach who understands your preferences and designs the plans accordingly. He is so knowledgeable that he explains each and every topic, be it related to health, food, or exercise, which makes the journey easier as we understand the rationale behind things.

He is very supportive and available all the time if you have any queries, and he is a patient listener, which makes him the best coach anyone would want to be with.

I highly recommend Niraj to all those who are looking for a positive change in their lives and knowledge about things that they might not be aware of related to health, food, and exercise. It was really great being his mentee.
Sandhya Pandey
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Niraj is a perfectionist as a coach, according to me. I have achieved a good transformation in my journey with him. He explains everything with a logical explanation. I never felt weak throughout the journey. He told me from time to time how our body works and how we need to handle it accordingly.

He always gave me enough time to clear up all my doubts on the call. He was always cooperative, calm, and to the point. I was trying for a very long time to lose weight, but I didn't get results, but Niraj helped me achieve something that I had only imagined. No one should think twice to choose him as a coach. He is undoubtedly a perfect coach.
Neelima Vats Tyagi
New Delhi, India
Niraj is a superb coach. I liked the way he designed my nutrition and training plan according to my convenience. When it comes to workouts, he helped with a workout tracker, which helped me keep track of my workout progress. I never felt exhausted while doing my workouts. He helped me with the workout techniques and logically explained everything. Kudos to you!
Jaspreet Singh
Raipur, Chattisgarh,India
I would like to start by saying a big thank you to Niraj. He is a very patient listener and was always available to clear my doubts and queries. He is someone who is more like a friend to me than a coach. He has always been patient and guided me step by step throughout my fitness journey.

My transformation has inspired everyone in my friend circle, and even they are enrolled under Niraj's guidance. My cholesterol, triglycerides, thyroid, and other health markers have all improved a lot during this transformation.

Niraj is very attentive, explains everything very sensibly, and gives you enough time to understand your situation. I personally need to reach where I want to be. If you are a beginner, you can definitely go ahead with him to kickstart your fitness journey. You will not regret your decision.
Santosh Kumar
Phoenix-Chandler, Arizona, USA
Niraj is very understanding of the issues that cause our diet and workout routine to suffer. He will always make a detailed call to understand your situation and then guide you accordingly. This always helps me stay motivated and do my best as per the situation. The best thing about Niraj is that he keeps a daily check on you. It does not matter what the situation is; you will always see a message from him that helps me stay on track throughout my fitness journey. I am glad I have chosen to be under his mentorship. This is one coach I would highly recommend to everyone.
Abhay Mishra
Patna,Bihar, India
First of all, I am very thankful to my coach Niraj. I have lost around 7 kgs in 12 weeks which is simply amazing. I could have lost more but due to my inconsistency from time to time, I couldn't. To be honest I am 7kgs less in my last 10 years. It feels amazing. Niraj did his best to make my journey as easy as possible. I never knew about quantified nutrition and calorie counting but Niraj explained me everything well on the call which made my journey simple.
Prateek Singh
Bhubaneshwar, India
Niraj is very calm and composed on the call. Talking to him makes you feel like he genuinely wants to help you. The efforts he put in during my initial days when I was struggling to cope with the new process were commendable. He patiently answered all my queries, made me realize my mistakes, held me up when needed, and scolded me when I was being lazy. He will educate you so that you know what you are doing and why it's necessary. He has all the attributes a coach should have.
Shraddha Adhikari
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Before joining the program with Niraj, I used to watch videos on YouTube and read some random articles, but I did not receive any success with them. On every call with him, he busted so many of my myths with respect to losing weight. Niraj helped me understand concepts in simple terms.

When you hire a coach, you get an accountability partner, and you always want to give your best and not disappoint your coach. Daily reporting to my coach helped me stay on track and avoid bad decisions.

Niraj always has a very positive attitude, encourages me on a daily basis, never gets angry even when I go off track sometimes, and guides you on how to adhere to the diet without compromising on anything. He sets a realistic timeline and focuses on achieving smaller goals one day at a time. Weekly calls proved to be very effective.

One thing I learned from the program was the difference between weight loss and fat loss, which was an eye-opener for me. I focused on losing more body fat and tried to maintain and build muscles as much as I could, which would help me in my day-to-day activities. Thank you so much for the support. You'll never be forgotten.​
Mahendra Raghuwanshi
Vadodra, Gujarat, India



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