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Our Coaching Method

Nutrition plan

Step by step guidance to your nutrition plan based on your goals, food availability and preferences.

Workout programming

We'll design workouts based on your goals and program them so that you are consistently making progress. Detailed workout programming will help you keep track of your progress.

Training plan

Workout plan based on your experience, injuries, limitations and goals with form guidance and workout tracking when needed

Weekly check-ins

We will have a detailed voice or video call every week to understand the problems or issues you are facing and chalk out the plan accordingly

Tracking sheet

Detail tracking sheet which help us analyse your progress on a week to week basis.


We answer all your queries within a stipulated period of time throughout the program

Workouts Form Analysis

If you need it, we provide workout form guidance on the video call to make sure you are doing your workouts in a optimal way

Limited clients

We work with limited and serious clients only. We focus on giving them the utmost attention and time to get the best out of them.


Our eyes will be on you all the time. Working with limited number of clients gives us an opportunity to stay in touch with all of our clients daily and keep them on toes.

Research backed

Research-backed plans which deliver you the results in the most optimized way. You are not doing random social media stuff but the one that has been proven by decades of research.


Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. We believe in educating our clients so that they are able to remain fit for a lifetime

Supplement Guidance

Cut out the useless supplements and use the ones that will help you optimize your health and fill the gap. You will be provided with all the information if you are open to using it and improving your health.

Gap in coaching services

❌ One-size-fits-all approach: Cookie cutter plans

✅ A personalized approach as every person is built differently and has a different starting point
❌ Delivers the plans and then forgets about you 
✅ Our coaching starts after we deliver the plans. We justify the word "Coaching"
❌Takes on a lot of clients and does not give you enough time when you need it
✅ Works with a limited number of clients and gives you the utmost attention throughout the journey
❌ Do not tell you the reasoning behind your plans
✅Educates you as needed so that you understand the significance of what you're doing and why it's necessary 
❌ Keep a limit on a call and do not analyze things when you face issues
✅ Does a detailed call when needed, assesses situations, and improvises accordingly
❌ No daily accountability
✅ Daily accountability



You'll hear from us within 48 hours of making the payment.

You will be sent a comprehensive form that contains all of the information your coach needs to know about you before curating a plan for you.

After you submit the form, the coach will contact you to schedule the call.


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We'll have a detailed video or audio call based on your preference.

We'll dig into the specifics based on the information you provided on the form.

You are welcome to provide any information about yourself that you believe your coach should be aware of.


We'll design your diet chart on the spot after taking into account all of the details on the call.

All dietary decisions and food options will have their reasons and logic explained to you.

To keep your diet interesting, we'll provide you with a substitution chart for the food items.


We will send you the training plan within the next 48 hours

The training plan will include complete instructions as well as exercise videos.

If you are new, we will assist you with form assessment and corrections until you are comfortable with all of the exercises.


You will start executing the plan based on the instructions given

We will keep in touch with you on a frequent basis during your initial phase, until we believe you have settled in well with the program

During this time, all problems, questions, and concerns will be promptly addressed.


We have dedicated weekly check-in calls to discuss your progress and any difficulties that have occurred during the week.

You will be given a tracker sheet to fill out with all of the information that we will use to analyze your progress

Everything will be considered to determine whether anything needs attention or change.


We continue to improve and tweak plans based on your current situations and circumstances discussed during the check-ins

Improvisation will help us continue on our journey until we reach our goal


Who should opt for this coaching

You are willing to execute. You just need clarity of direction, guidance, and a step-by-step execution plan, along with accountability.

You are willing to track your calories and cook major meals separately for the majority of the time in the program. We'll try to make it as easy as possible for you to execute the plan.

You are open to honest feedback and criticism as and when needed (that's what coaches do).

Who should not opt for this coaching

If you think there's a holy grail or hacks that will help you magically get fit and there would be no efforts needed on your behalf.

You are currently going through personal or work stress, or both.

Frequently Asked Questions


You can check our coaching page section about our working style in detail here


We mainly work with general population clients (both male and female) who want to get fit with goals of losing body fat, gaining muscles, body recomposition, and general well-being.

However, we also work with serious clients who want to be in the best shape of their lives or are planning a photoshoot, wedding shoot, etc.

You can be a total beginner or an experienced individual; we are experienced in handling both of these scenarios.


More than 100 people are satisfied with the experience they have got so far. This website would not have been in existence if my coaching does not work.  Your Coach will do everything in their power to help you achieve the best possible results; However your own efforts are equally important. As long as you are completely committed to the program and follow the diet and exercise plans prepared, you will see visible results.

Your results will depend on a lot of factors. Your adherence, learning curve, execution, medical conditions, and other lifestyle factors will come into the picture here.


You will get coached personally by Niraj Verma.


I am an INFS-certified nutrition and fitness consultant with a diploma as an advanced clinical nutritionist, exercise science specialist, and sports nutritionist. . You can get the details of my certificate here.

Apart from the certifications, I have upgraded my knowledge from various credible sources, and this learning never stops.

Certifications get you started, but it’s the will to upgrade knowledge consistently, along with experience in client handling, that makes someone a great coach. I believe in upgrading my knowledge every week from the right sources.


You need to have 4 things –

  1. Self-measurement tape –
  2. Digital Body weight weighing scale –
  3. Digital Kitchen weighing scale –
  4. Gym membership OR Dumbells set OR resistance tubes with door anchor and ankle strap(if planning to workout at home)                                                                                                                                                            If you are planning to work out at home and need Resistance tubes –    Door anchor –     Ankle strap –

Above links are only for reference. You can purchase similar product of your choice 


Yes, we work with clients worldwide and adjust the time for the calls and check-ins accordingly. However, before enrolling, it would be advisable to connect with us to see if that would be feasible for you. You can connect with us.


The transformations you see on the websites are shared with the client’s written consent. We take our clients’ privacy very seriously and do not share anything with anyone without their written permission.

Rest assured that your pictures and other information are safe with us unless you give us permission to post them.


Coaching takes place via the fittr app. You can find the details of the packages here. You may have to create an account before proceeding to find the details. If you are on mobile please install “fittr app” and then click the link


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